What Makes People Buy That Car?

Published May 2, 2019 in Warp & Woof What Makes People Buy That Car? Marketing Trends in the Auto Industry, a Photo Essay William Sundwick They were called “horseless carriages” for a reason. The earliest automobiles had open bodies fashioned from wood, sometimes with a folding top, like popular carriage designs of the time. Soon,Continue reading “What Makes People Buy That Car?”

Speed Culture: Why?

Published January 9, 2018 in Warp & Woof   Speed Culture: Why? William Sundwick Origins of Speed In the earliest days of the automobile, the “horseless carriage” era, all cars were mechanical curiosities. They were playthings for the rich and adventurous. None were particularly reliable, but many startups sought to sell something new and differentContinue reading “Speed Culture: Why?”