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Andrew Sullivan in New York Magazine: good read on lies, fear, and faith!

The Poetic Elegance of Erik Erikson, p.1

The Poetic Elegance of Erik Erikson, p.2

Sometimes, it’s the old guys who are needed to get the job done. Here is a case illustrating Erik Erikson’s batle between “ego integrity” and “despair”. This Texas PBS commentator was 70 years old, not worried about job security, only about personal integrity!

Unsurprising result of a long-term reputable study …

Big study on ADHD etiology confirms delayed brain development at fault

Apologia to Erik Erikson

Even Forbes publishes opinion piece where Republicans are called out on the basic reasoning behind their health care plan!

How to Keep Your Exercise Routine Focused in the Present, Not the Future

Celebrating Banality: Why Those Daily Routines Have So Much Power

Cannabis legalization reduces opioid abuse … reports from various studies

Intimations of Mortality? Random Thoughts on Approaching 70th Birthday

Footnote to “Intimations of Mortality?” post … TrumpCare only works if you’re young and healthy (or rich). Inside the CBO score … 

Another footnote to “Intimations of Mortality?” post last week …

Root and branch — comes from gardening, but these days you hear it in other contexts!

When It All Comes To an End — grandfatherly affections for a very young grandchild

Baltimore birthday celebration on turning 70!

Moral Struggles: Narcissism vs. Humility

Glimpsing the Terrible Twos

Psychologists say they can diagnose NPD perfectly well remotely, and Prez has it!

Flirting: Fun? Cheating? Harassment?

My Struggle with Facebook Addiction

Further reflection from WaPo on the issue of social media and mobile device addiction

long form piece from Wired about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, giving history of last two years of struggle over where platform is headed

Courage, Determination, Strength — face-to-face with disability awareness at #MarchForOurLives in DC

How I Hate My Gym, Let Me Count the Ways

Revisiting “Moral Struggles: Narcissism vs. Humility”

Maybe I’m Not So Great, After All? Coming to Grips with Privilege

“Pollen Comes from Trees” … language explosion of a two-and-a-half-year-old

School’s Out! Even Family Day Care Gets Summer Vacation

Crossing Imaginary Borders: Subtle Transition from Toddler to Preschooler

Whew! Made It! Winning the holiday stress game

Panjshir: a neighborhood restaurant for Afghan comfort food

Staying Anchored and Marking Time — the meaning of routines

Friends: Is it What They Do for Us? Or, What We Do for Them?

Aging, Body and Mind

Pittsburgh — Nice to See Yinz Agin’

Mira and Her Big Brother

“I Prefer Not To” — Bartleby and Late Stage Capitalism

What Is Post-postmodernism, Anyway?

Am I Old Yet? An Update

How Much Does a 4-year-old Know?

How Long Can I Last? Getting Used to the Pandemic

Writer’s Block

Why I Miss My Gym

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