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33 mi. all-electric range, almost as good as my Chevy Volt … the plug-in hybrid Chrysler Pacifica

Silcon Valley getting cold feet about this car making business? Don’t worry, there’s still the Big Data side of auto informatics …

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AL, MS, GA can’t become “New Detroit” without UAW! That was real engine of middle class arrival of blue collar workers in 50s and 60s

First electric hypercar: Rimac Concept One, built in Croatia … sells for less than $2M! Only eight made … so far.
Check out Road & Track photo shoot in NYC

The Sundwick Automotive Photo Library described

Exploring the Sundwick Automotive Photo Library: Part II — Customs

It starts with the prestige makes, like Volvo, Tesla, BMW, then filters down to the mass market … note: Volvo’s first all-electric vehicle will be made in China (they are now owned by China’s Geely)

Details of Volvo’s plans, 2019-2021 — three types of power train, mild hybrid (48 volt, twin engine), plug-in hybrid (also twin engine), and all electric

Exploring the Sundwick Automotive Photo Library: Part III — imports in the heart of the auto industry, Detroit-Flint, 1953-63.

Jaguar Land Rover makes two (after Volvo) major European automakers to jettison ICE and diesel from 2020 …

What We Drove, and Why

Selling an Old Name to a New Demographic — Cadillac’s “Break Through” Campaign

Car Shopping, 2018 — The Washington Auto Show

How Painful Can a 5-mile-per-hour Collision Be?

Drive Better Electrically: EVs, past, present, future

Quest for the Perfect Car: Five Step Process for Car Shopping

Update from CR on new EVs (BEVs) for sale next year — but, sadly, not nationwide — YET!

What Makes People Buy That Car?

Next Step in Car Shopping: Advance to the Test Drive?

New data from Bloomberg — sales of ICE vehicles has already peaked!

Car Buying: the Experience

General Motors, Decline and Fall, 1980 – 2009

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