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#Resist, a guide from The Nation

Bill Moyers on why America is NOT a democracy

Great example of microagression from CNN panel …

Be afraid, be very afraid. Do NOT acquiesce in the comfortable position that “it will all work itself out.” History proves otherwise!

Michael Moore’s 10-point plan — I especially like the idea of “Rapid Response Teams”

Even worse than the “deep state” of conspiracy theorists is Donald Trump’s “shallow state”

An underground railroad, Rapid Response Teams …

McMasters has a very Clausewitzian view of strategy. It may still be a bit harsh; but, at least it has a firmer grounding in history than the world view of the totally unhinged Bannon!

Trump’s new VOICE office will collect and publish data on crimes local law enforcement have deemed too trivial for detention, “declined detainers” as ICE calls them, when local authorities decline to detain suspects long enough for ICE to get their hands on them.

If you haven’t heard, yet, the alt-right has a counter movement: “antifa” (anti-fascist), basically anarchists, maybe prone to violence, certainly anti-democratic, much like their enemies, the alt-right

Don’t take this AlterNet story too seriously, unless you see some corroboration … Strategic Intiatives Group (SIG) in WH sounds like a new conspiracy theory!

This could be Friday’s big event … Merkel v. Trump!

If you want a villain to blame for modern political polarization, try Big Data!

Heard Yuval Harari interviewed on Ezra Klein’s podcast — at least his “Sapiens” needs to be on my reading list!

Becomes clearer every day: greatest national security threat to U.S. lives in White House

Can’t talk treason until “collusion” is proven: there would have to be two-way communication planning information operation, between Trump campaign and Russian intelligence. We don’t have that, YET!

Only way GOP tax cuts could work — on backs of 24M people losing their health insurance

Take nuclear arsenal off hair-trigger alert status! No good can come of it …

what to do about polling non-responders? Or, folks who just don’t tell pollsters the truth, for fear of disapproval?

Here’s an edited transcript from Ezra Klein’s interview of Yuval Harari …

Not only is the Prez out of his depth … so is his son-in-law!

Deeper goal in launching strike against Syria? Political message not just to Russia, but to Congress?

Gary Cohn has temporarily triumphed in Trump palace intrigue … he represents the very heart of neoliberalism, not in the interests of the American people! But, since DJT listens to whoever has kind things to say to him, day to day, expect return to his roots soon … more white nationalism, more neo-nazi antisemitism, more contempt for everybody not in his “inner circle”, any time now!

New post: 4/14/2017 … Social Entropy: Tribalization and Decline of Elites

Bernie Sanders’ main strength has always been that “I” next to his name, that’s why he re-registered as Independent after the primary. Dem apparatchiks who think that hurts him as spiritual leader of party don’t understand American political dynamics … future belongs to left, get ppl off their sofas to vote, don’t waste time trying to steal them away from Republicans!

AL, MS, GA can’t become “New Detroit” without UAW! That was real engine of middle class arrival of blue collar workers in 50s and 60s

New party comin’ round in USA? I could join … maybe takeover of Dems is a bit much, tho’!

The Professional Class in America: Time to Step Aside?

Anarchism: Libertarian, Socialist, or Just Crazy?

The Russian Bear and 21st Century Geopolitics

John McCain agrees with me … see post above!

David Corn, in MJ, writes that, regardless of what courts ultimately say constitutes “collusion” we already know that Trump campaign knew, early on, of Russian cyber-ops. We just don’t know whether they merely acquiesced in Russian plans, or actively facilitated (or directed) them. As always, we don’t have any idea of the ultimate effectiveness of the operation, haven’t seen any evidence (polling, or otherwise) of anybody’s vote actually being changed by any *dezinformatsiia* story …

Making of a Lefty … Populism Isn’t Only for the Right

Lessons of GA06: Dems still need better candidates … and, grass roots support just isn’t enough!

Among Founding Fathers, Jefferson remains my personal hero — this final public writing, on occasion of 50th anniversary of his Declaration of Independence, a masterpiece!

Great piece from Jonathan Freedland, of The Guardian, on the real consequences of Trump’s so-called “foreign policy”

This one fits both “The Future” and “The Past” … good piece from, in their “The Big Idea” series. Neoliberalism defined and explained. In short: it’s the economic/political philosophy which replaced the New Deal-to-Great Society philosophy that many of us oldsters associate with the “traditional” Democratic Party. It values free markets and capitalism far more than previously, began in earnest with the Clinton years, and now dominates the “center” of the Democratic Party, as opposed to its left flank.

Anarchists in DC area — good profile from WaPo: they’re young, well educated, and angry! And, they use “Propaganda of the Deed” as a tactic! Watch out! 

Now that antifa have been designated a “domestic terrorist group,” it’s worth revisiting my May post from The Past: Anarchism: Libertarian, Socialist, or Just Crazy?

Misogyny: a Matter of Degree …

Nice support for two recent blog posts: “Misogyny: It’s a Matter of Degree …” and “A Feminist Manifesto (From a Heteronormative Male …)”

History’s Greatest, Cruelest Levers of Power — Wars

Reference to last post on this page (Nov. 6) — celebrating pacifism, the movie “The Americanization of Emily”

#MeToo movement may not be in news so much now, since no new celebrity humiliations have come lately, but don’t lose sight of the greater struggle against the institutions of patriarchy — politcal and social activism must persist!

Who Thought that 35 Years Would Be So Easy?

Politics of Outrage — Debating Policy and Ideology Only Fun for a Few

If violent misogyny is at root of Toronto killings, worthwhile revisiting my post, “Misogyny: It’s a Matter of Degree …”

Who Am I, and How Did I Get Here?

Opinion piece from The Guardian, do we need “strategic silence” from media regarding extremism? Perspective on post from April, “Politics of Outrage”

American Politics for the 21st Century: Making the Old New Again

Ramping Up — get involved, summer ground game is here!

Flint: Lumber to Carriages to Cars — chapter 1 of the Flint Series

Flint, chapter 2 — Disaster Strikes

Flint, chapter 3 — Arrival and Insertion, 1953-62

Flint, chapter 4 — Wasteland vs. Intellectual Ferment

Flint, chapter 5 — Exit Strategy, Was Getting Out Inevitable?

Flint chapter 6 — Vanishing City or Phoenix from the Ashes?

Community Organizing, VOICE in Northern Virginia

2018 Election Recap: Ripple or Wave?

Cold War: deeper context to Pawel Pawlikowski’s film?

First Six Weeks, Has the 116th Congress Inspired Yet?

Our House, a History

2020 Campaign Notes

All Dem candidates sorted into three basic strategies

Joe Biden — the counter-intuitive candidate?

And the First Democratic Debate is History

From Jacobin Magazine, 7/01 … too late for my post

Debate in Detroit

The Center Cannot Hold

City Cousins and Country Cousins

Leftist or Liberal? Where Do You Fit?

Community Organizing: New Challenges in Our Area

What Happens in Iraq Stays in Iraq?

State of the Race: Is the Path to the Nomination Any Clearer?

Tara Reade and Truth

Power of Denial

Tara Reade, Casualty

Final word on Tara Reade

Manifesto for the Next Four Years

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