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This page contains posts mostly about health and fitness, and my grandchildren’s development (gleaned from babysitting) — note: health and fitness includes mental health, psychology in general!

Bah, Humbug!

Not unhappy that Christmas is over this year — more stressful than usual with Omicron, etc.?

From the Attic

Cleaning out my attic yields a long-forgotten treasure trove of wargames — fortunately, somebody still collects and plays them!

Pulling Through the Pandemic

“Wait. You say there’s been a global pandemic, and we’re all affected? I didn’t know! ” — the pandemic is coming to an end, we think. But it hasn’t all been negative over the past year …

Neighborhood Walks

Let the Wagon Wheel Roll I’ve lived in Arlington, Virginia for more than 47 years. Most of my adult life. I’ve lived at my current address for nearly 37 years. For the last five plus years, I’ve been in the habit of daily constitutionals radiating out from my house like spokes of a wagon wheel.Continue reading “Neighborhood Walks”

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