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This page contains posts mostly about health and fitness, and my grandchildren’s development (gleaned from babysitting) — note: health and fitness includes mental health, psychology in general!

Has Facebook Changed, Or Have I?

Whether it’s generational sorting, or just me getting older, Facebook doesn’t seem to be the communication tool that it used to be. But, it may still be worth a try for us old school types that think Twitter is a cesspool!

The Last Great Endeavor

Basement renovation, the last big home improvement project? It won’t add to resale value, must be we plan on living in it for a while longer …

Bah, Humbug!

Not unhappy that Christmas is over this year — more stressful than usual with Omicron, etc.?

From the Attic

Cleaning out my attic yields a long-forgotten treasure trove of wargames — fortunately, somebody still collects and plays them!

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