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Good article from … are you “science curious”?

Coal is NOT coming back: where is the retraining for unemployed miners? the health insurance? the new industries investing in coal country?

Some news on the battery front: how ’bout a 10-yr. lifespan liquid battery?

Anybody see a future here? … in the Libertarian Party?

Lots of talk lately about UBI … practical in U.S.?

Hard to imagine U.S. not participating in worldwide shift to EVs over next several years, but that seems to be exactly what Trump administration has in mind! American workers, as well as planet, will only be worse off as result …

Unaware of economic facts, as usual, Trump claims China currency manipulation going in opposite direction from what it has been doing for last two years

Truth-Out not most reliable news source, but this op-ed describes something real: “The Great Turning” … basically, the democratic socialist agenda.

Some science behind political polarization, and manipulation … 

Science journalism has its weaknesses … beware!

It’s Wall Street, stupid!

Queer is real … and, not pejorative! There is physiological intersexuality, and there are many people who are neither XX nor XY binaries, and even among those who are, many different factors contribute to sexual identity.

Mysteries of the Internet: IP Addresses …

Feds can’t actually invalidate CA laws, but they can try to politically neutralize them for auto industry … fortunately, CA has successfully sold its strict environmental laws to most blue states, so that now 30% of new car market is in Blue America!

Finally, a break in Trump’s cabinet … Mattis concedes climate change is a national security threat!

Tesla is actually an old school company … they use capital to make things!

Heard Yuval Harari interviewed on Ezra Klein’s podcast — at least his “Sapiens” needs to be on my reading list!

Here’s an edited transcript from Ezra Klein’s interview of Yuval Harari … 

Another channel opens for The Resistance … courts and state AGs will be battle ground

Next phase in human evolution? See: Yuval Harari, others … 

Great post from on strategic approaches to “deep decarbonization”

Henry Blodgett from 2013, worth a reminder … economy mostly about DEMAND, investment is only a seed!

Gary Cohn has temporarily triumphed in Trump palace intrigue … he represents the very heart of neoliberalism, not in the interests of the American people! But, since DJT listens to whoever has kind things to say to him, day to day, expect return to his roots soon … more white nationalism, more neo-nazi antisemitism, more contempt for everybody not in his “inner circle”, any time now!

Hate Peter Thiel? Larry Page? Get Jonathan Taplin’s new book, “Move Fast and Break Things” — he hates the digital monopolies, mostly because they killed the music business. Interview from AlterNet.

Financial catastrophe in real estate may be first big impact of climate change in U.S. … says Joe Romm

Is poverty genetic? … interesting scientific evidence

Seems Marx getting bit of a revival on left these days … because rent-seeking now dominates capitalism

“Prospection” … the quality that makes us human, say these scientists

10% isn’t nearly enough, but it is a renewable energy milestone. Could be much greater with federal incentives — not likely in a Trump administration (despite Rick Perry’s history as a wind farm promoter in TX)

Not sure a “non-human” language is necessarily bad … especially if it improves negotiating skills of robots!

Amory Lovins: nuclear is a money loser, renewables will continue to advance despite Trump, EVs are here now — will soon dominate, carbon removal is mostly about agriculture (put it back into soil), and natural gas may be worse than coal (stop that fracking!)

“Buy American” rules should not be enforced for big infrastructure projects, like Metrorail, when result is uneconomic … taxpayers are stakeholders, here!

Many feel that we need to focus more attention (and resources) on adaptation: it’s already too late to reverse climate change apocalypse.

Read, and absorb message. Some facts a little questionable, but thrust remains on target. The future belongs to the left!

This one fits both “The Future” and “The Past” … good piece from, in their “The Big Idea” series. Neoliberalism defined and explained. In short: it’s the economic/political philosophy which replaced the New Deal-to-Great Society philosophy that many of us oldsters associate with the “traditional” Democratic Party. It values free markets and capitalism far more than previously, began in earnest with the Clinton years, and now dominates the “center” of the Democratic Party, as opposed to its left flank.

James McGill Buchanan: the father of Kochism … that radical libertarian philosophy that is inherently anti-democratic. His original base was the economics department and law school at George Mason University, funded almost entirely by Koch Industries

Sea level rise coming in our lifetime! Wonder how long before HGTV cancels “Beachfront Bargains” show? I wouldn’t want to invest in beachfront real estate these days …

Footnote to last March post: “Mysteries of the Internet” … it’s actually pretty hard to shut down a website, even one as egregious as The Daily Stormer

As reported Monday: pretty tough to actually shut down a webstie — Daily Stormer moves to .ru domain!

A Feminist Manifesto (from a Heteronormative Male Who Raised Only Sons)

Last year’s post: “Mysteries of the Internet” referenced here, ICANN to return to U.S. oversight with Trump pick for NTIA?

Further examination of December post’s subject matter (“My Struggle with Facebook Addiction”) in this article from Aeon. Should we regulate Internet platforms and sites to facilitate greater user self-control?

It’s Tax Time Again! Random Grumbles and Philosophy

Cognitive Revolution to Homo Deus

Life on the Internet: No Fear, No Shame

Fed survey — 40% of American adults couldn’t come up with $400 for emergency — see my post: “Maybe I’m Not So Great, After All?”

Good interview with science advisor to “Westworld” series — talks about consciousness, relates to post from March, “Cognitive Revolution to Homo Deus”

Friends: Virtual vs. “Real” — Don’t Feel So Guilty about Social Media

Grocery Angst — Choosing Where to Shop in Opposite of “Food Desert”

Getting Things Done in Real Time

Of Walls and Drowning — geopolitics of climate change in the 21st century

Amazon Comes to Arlington

Green New Deal: Where Did it Come From? Where Is it Going?

Amazon is coming! Follow up to April 7 post, “Amazon Comes to Arlington”

The Homestead: Next Ten Years

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