Pulling Through the Pandemic

“Wait. You say there’s been a global pandemic, and we’re all affected? I didn’t know! ” — the pandemic is coming to an end, we think. But it hasn’t all been negative over the past year …

Class Struggle in America: Done or Never Started?

As we know, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were not Americans. They were very European. While true that the bulk of America’s population (except slaves) came from Europe, our country was different. Flight from the class-centered societies of England, Germany, France was easier for American immigrants than staying in their home countries and fighting. ThatContinue reading “Class Struggle in America: Done or Never Started?”

Politics of Outrage

Published April 11, 2018 in Warp & Woof   Politics of Outrage Debating Policy and Ideology Is Only Fun for a Few William Sundwick The first principle of politics: it’s about gaining and wielding power. Practitioners of politics are interested mostly in dominance. They’re motivated by biology and genes. The second principle of politics: weContinue reading “Politics of Outrage”

Social Entropy: Tribalization and Decline of Elites

Published April 14, 2017 in Warp & Woof Social Entropy: Tribalization and Decline of Elites William Sundwick Collective Consciousness Shared cultural experience, often reaching back centuries, is what determines many social behaviors, from voting behavior to social attitudes like racism or sexism. It is passed from generation to generation — the basis of class identityContinue reading “Social Entropy: Tribalization and Decline of Elites”