Who Am I, and How Did I Get Here?

Published April 26, 2018 in Warp & Woof Who Am I, and How Did I Get Here? Rare Reflection on Origins and Motivation William Sundwick What is my earliest childhood memory? It’s hard to say. Experiences from early childhood can sometimes be counterfeit. But one that I identified years ago, when my parents were stillContinue reading “Who Am I, and How Did I Get Here?”

Warp and Woof: Welcome!

Welcome to Warp & Woof, a blog by William Sundwick. It is in the public domain. Free for all. Its purpose is to help its readers negotiate their lives and their futures … in the philosophical, moral and aesthetic realms. It is not scholarly, and neither is it overtly religious. Its author, however, has comeContinue reading “Warp and Woof: Welcome!”