Warp and Woof: Welcome!

Welcome to Warp & Woof, a blog by William Sundwick. It is in the public domain. Free for all. Its purpose is to help its readers negotiate their lives and their futures … in the philosophical, moral and aesthetic realms.
It is not scholarly, and neither is it overtly religious. Its author, however, has come to believe that he has the tools to resist “fake news”, and he is a person of faith.
He wants to share with you some of the things he believes matter, hopefully offering up a regular enough dose that you will be motivated to keep checking in.
It has a structure. In version 1.0, there will be five thought compartments (pages) … but, some entries may be cross-posted in more than one compartment. These five “realms of deliberation” are:
 The Present

 … what matters, for sure!

                                              The Past
                                     … what used to matter       
The Future
                                                              … what may matter, who knows?   
 And, in a timeless space, these two:
                                             … objects that matter (or mattered)  
    … sounds that matter, since we never get tired of hearing them! 
 Author’s Introduction

Now I want to switch to the first person, and translate … readers can expect entries dealing with health and fitness for seniors (that’s me) in The Present, along with some musings on psychological wellness. The Past will be filled with lots of philosophical meanderings about politics, sociology and history (I’m a liberal artsy type, undergraduate major in history, professional librarian for something like 30 years before imperceptibly transitioning to being an IT professional, until my retirement from the federal government in 2015).
Exciting, for me, new developments in science and technology will be found in The Future, along with a healthy dose of fear about things like global warming and other planetary or civilizational catastrophe! Perhaps that last is my apocalyptic frame of reference; it includes most of my thinking about economics and anthropology, as well. But, The Future is not a place for invective about the current state of American (or world) politics … those things may be found on the page for The Past!
In Totems, expect to see lots of apparently senseless information (call it my obsession) with cars, past, present, and future. I’m a “car guy”, by virtue mostly of my upbringing as a General Motors brat in Flint, MI in the fifties and sixties (the age of the “Chrome Colossus”).
Finally, in Beats, my other obsession comes to the fore: rock music, from the first British Invasion, hard blues, acid rock, punk, metal, techno … all coming to an end early in the millennium, as far as I can tell. If anybody thinks it’s still happening, please let me know! Yes, there will be audio here, and YouTube videos, when available.
All this describes the concept: version 1.0 of Warp & Woof. We’ll see how long I can keep it going, or how long before v.1.1, or even v.2.0, is released! If and when that happens, I hope my mission will remain unchanged: to help my readers see the “big picture” more clearly, to make the complex simple, and to have some fun while expanding both their peripheral vision and depth perception!

Oh, the title … the reader will hopefully appreciate its meaning as posts accumulate, revealing how interwoven they all are, across the five compartments, like the warp and woof of threads on a loom.
                      Me, on 1/15/17, my 34th anniversary with wonderful soul-mate, and tolerant wife!

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