Whew! Made It!

Published January 11, 2019 in Warp & Woof Whew! Made It! Winning the Holiday Stress Game William Sundwick Little kids love to think about presents from Santa. I certainly did. And, as a teenager, I was eager to spend New Year’s Eve with my cousins in their suburban home. But, in adulthood, it’s all changed.Continue reading “Whew! Made It!”

What We Drove, and Why

Published October 18, 2017 in Warp & Woof  What We Drove, and Why One Family’s Car Culture, GM Style – 1950-1970 (Sundwick Automotive Photo Library, Part IV) William Sundwick We were not a typical family, even for Dearborn or Flint. Dad was a committed General Motors “lifer” – a salaried engineer, destined by the endContinue reading “What We Drove, and Why”