Am I Old Yet?

Published January 17, 2020 in Warp & Woof Am I Old Yet? An Update William Sundwick Warp & Woof has seen other pieces about getting old. It seems I owe the reader an update from time to time. I am now mid-way through my fifth year of retirement. I wouldn’t contest the rationale for myContinue reading “Am I Old Yet?”

Apologia to Erik Erikson

Published February 23, 2017 in Warp & Woof Apologia to Erik Erikson William Sundwick Yes, Erikson’s Eight stages of psychosocial development does have a sort of poetic elegance, as I wrote two weeks ago in this blog, but I fear I was in over my head. My ground rules for Warp & Woof specified thatContinue reading “Apologia to Erik Erikson”

Poetic Elegance of Erik Erikson, p.2

                                                     (continued from p.1)   5.   Tension: identity vs. role confusion (virtue = “fidelity”) … the big adolescent tension, who am I? But, don’t we all continue to be confrontedContinue reading “Poetic Elegance of Erik Erikson, p.2”

Poetic Elegance of Erik Erikson, p.1

The Poetic Elegance of Erik Erikson: An Homage to the “Eight Stages …” William Sundwick Eight stages of psychosocial development — such a pedestrian name for such an influential theory. But, the language and vitality of its dialectical tension has resonated with me ever since I was first introduced, in my undergraduate Developmental Psych class,Continue reading “Poetic Elegance of Erik Erikson, p.1”