Community Organizing

Published January 24, 2020 in Warp & Woof Community Organizing New Challenges in Our Area William Sundwick Let’s start with some assumptions about 21st century American politics. Assumption #1: many, many people are poorly served by their local governments; assumption #2: virtually all communities have some people who are quite content, but most others muchContinue reading “Community Organizing”

City Cousins and Country Cousins

Published August 30, 2019 in Warp & Woof City Cousins and Country Cousins What Makes Them Different? William Sundwick The Neolithic Revolutionoccurred approximately 12.500 years ago. It was followed immediately by the urban/rural political divide. As soon as hunter-gatherers coalesced into agricultural settlements, and stopped being nomadic, they established villages, then cities. Yet, the foodContinue reading “City Cousins and Country Cousins”

Cognitive Revolution to Homo Deus

Published March 8, 2018 in Warp & Woof   Cognitive Revolution to Homo Deus Yuval Harari’s View of History William Sundwick Inspired by Jared Diamond’s 1997 best seller Guns, Germs, and Steel, 35-year-old Israeli history professor Yuval Noah Hararipublished his first book, Sapiens, a brief history of Humankind (2011 in Hebrew, English edition 2014). He,Continue reading “Cognitive Revolution to Homo Deus”