Has Facebook Changed, Or Have I?

Whether it’s generational sorting, or just me getting older, Facebook doesn’t seem to be the communication tool that it used to be. But, it may still be worth a try for us old school types that think Twitter is a cesspool!

Friends: Virtual vs. “Real”

Published June 18, 2018 in Warp & Woof Friends: Virtual vs. “Real” Don’t Feel So Guilty about Social Media William Sundwick Since the recent revelation of theft of personal data from Facebook, we are especially sensitive to privacy concerns in our interconnected world. And, while we can easily see the psychology of social media addictionContinue reading “Friends: Virtual vs. “Real””

Link from Wired

Long form piece from Wired gives entire history of Facebook, and Mark Zuckerberg’s, struggles over last two years. Reference: “My Struggle with Facebook Addiction” from December. I, for one, have not yet seen any change in my Facebook news feed since the famous manifesto promising “time well spent” with the platform. Still dominated by mindlessContinue reading “Link from Wired”

Link from AlterNet — Review of Move Fast and Break Things

Hate Peter Thiel? Larry Page? Get Jonathan Taplin’s new book, “Move Fast and Break Things” — he hates the digital monopolies, mostly because they killed the music business. Interview from AlterNet.