2018 Election Recap

Published November 15, 2018 in Warp & Woof 2018 Election Recap Blue Ripple or Wave? William Sundwick It didn’t take long after the 2016 election for organizing to start. The Women’s March the day after the Inauguration was an affirmation of public disdain for the newly elected president and everything he stood for. So angry,Continue reading “2018 Election Recap”

Link from Vox

 This one fits both “The Future” and “The Past” … good piece from Vox.com, in their “The Big Idea” series. Neoliberalism defined and explained. In short: it’s the economic/political philosophy which replaced the New Deal-to-Great Society philosophy that many of us oldsters associate with the “traditional” Democratic Party. It values free markets and capitalism farContinue reading “Link from Vox”

Link from The Hill

Bernie Sanders’ main strength has always been that “I” next to his name, that’s why he re-registered as Independent after the primary. Dem apparatchiks who think that hurts him as spiritual leader of party don’t understand American political dynamics … future belongs to left, get ppl off their sofas to vote, don’t waste time tryingContinue reading “Link from The Hill”