Links from Think Progress and The Atlantic

10% isn’t nearly enough, but it is a renewable energy milestone. Could be much greater with federal incentives — not likely in a Trump administration (despite Rick Perry’s history as a wind farm promoter in TX) Not sure a “non-human” language is necessarily bad … especially if it improves negotiating skills of robots!

Link from Mother Jones

David Corn, in MJ, writes that, regardless of what courts ultimately say constitutes “collusion” we already know that Trump campaign knew, early on, of Russian cyber-ops. We just don’t know whether they merely acquiesced in Russian plans, or actively facilitated (or directed) them. As always, we don’t have any idea of the ultimate effectiveness ofContinue reading “Link from Mother Jones”

Link from The Nation

  Gary Cohn has temporarily triumphed in Trump palace intrigue … he represents the very heart of neoliberalism, not in the interests of the American people! But, since DJT listens to whoever has kind things to say to him, day to day, expect return to his roots soon … more white nationalism, more neo-nazi antisemitism,Continue reading “Link from The Nation”

Links from Daily Kos and The Hill

Can’t talk treason until “collusion” is proven: there would have to be two-way communication planning information operation, between Trump campaign and Russian intelligence. We don’t have that, YET! Many think that James Mattis is the one person who can protect our national security from the President, better than any other single member of the administration!